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Lena Johansson


Stockholm & Solna

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Counselling & Coaching in English

Do you need help with:


  • Love and relationships
  • Sabotaging life patterns
  • Anxiety and life crisis
  • Self esteem, identity and potential
  • Stress and burnout
  • Existential matters
  • Codependency
  • HSP - highly sensitive person

Due to spending many years abroad communicating in various languages, I also give sessions in English. In case you have difficulties coming to my practice, I provide Skype sessions, telephone or mail sessions. 

My aim is to be there for you 100 percent, give you unconditional support, and to be completely nonjudgmental. To be honest and objective and help you grow as a person.

Welcome to a compassionate environment where the focus is on you!

There is a price to be paid for every increase in consciousness.

We cannot be more sensitive to pleasure without

being more sensitive to pain.

A Watts

Lena Johansson


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